Dry cleaning is not a job for amateur. It requires proper expertise to do it right and thorough. The name ‘Dry Cleaning’ comes from the fact that the complete absence of water in the whole process of washing the clothes. In dry cleaning non-water based special chemical solvents are used to clean clothes and for giving them a sharp and crisp new-feel look.

Our process is simple and methodical so that you get the best possible services with the most efficient result in dry cleaning.

Inspection with Tagging:


Once you hire us for dry cleaning services, we make sure to inspect the clothes first to spot the stains, tear, missing buttons and to understand what kind of care they require. We tag your clothing with the details on them like, what needs to be done, when to deliver, whom to deliver etc.

Pre-Spotting of Clothes:

Your clothes get close inspections for stains before it gets into the dry-cleaning machine. We vacuum clean or heat the garments after applying chemical solvent so that we can get rid of the stains easily.

Dry-Cleaning Process:

We use industry best dry-cleaning machines for this job. We also use high quality non-water solvents that works best for your garments. We keep an eye of the whole procedure making sure that the process is completed efficiently.

Post-Spotting of Clothes:

After the dry-cleaning process we look for remaining stains in the garments. If there is any stain found, we work to remove it completely so that you can find your garment completely fresh and new looking all over again.

We make sure to offer you timely delivery no matter what with best affordable dry-cleaning prices in the industry. We want to become your go-to guy for all your dry-cleaning needs. We serve you best so that you can trust us in the long-term.

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